KCC students walk on campus during one of the College's annual Bruin Blast welcome-back events for students in the fall.
Kellogg Community College students walk on campus during one of the college's annual Bruin Blast welcome-back events for students in the fall. Photo courtesy of KCC.

Kellogg Community College offers up a variety of different opportunities for students to better understand what life can be like after high school.

With a plethora of degree programs and the very accessible plan to transfer to any four-year university of their choosing, KCC is able to provide a great education at a great price as opposed to the universities around the country.

The Regional Manufacturing Technology Center (RMTC) is also owned by KCC. It too offers up a number of options for students who share an interest in the industrial trades world.

Students who live in the Calhoun County lines have an amazing opportunity through KCC. Battle Creek Central and Lakeview High School students also have the chance to take advantage of free college through the Legacy Scholarship, offering two free years of schooling through KCC.

Michael Houston, an academic advisor at KCC, offered several reasons why KCC students decide to call KCC home.

“KCC provides small classroom sizes, so students have direct access to their faculty, ” Houston said. “The student has access to advising, counseling, student life, tutoring and career exploration.”

As an academic advisor, Houston also deals with plenty of students wishing to transfer to a four-year university after their time at KCC. He explained how KCC makes the transfer process easy.

“KCC’s courses can transfer to any four-year college in the country,” Houston said. “Transferring is as simple as applying to the four-year college and sending your KCC official college transcripts.”

KCC has plenty of students roaming the halls, going to the library or finding themselves at the Student Center. One of these students is Sage Castleberry, a student from the Battle Creek area who explained why he decided to attend KCC.

“I picked KCC for the fact that it is a cheaper alternative while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do exactly, ” Castleberry said. “I transferred from GVSU because when I got there I realized I didn’t truly know what I wanted to do in life. Since I have the Legacy Scholarship it just makes sense.”

Taking a look into the past can sometimes lead to better knowledge and understanding. Joseph Glubke, a former KCC student who also used the Legacy Scholarship, is now a senior at Michigan State University.

“KCC allowed me to figure out if college was for me,” Glubke said. “Even though it’s not as big as MSU, I still feel like the stuff I learned and the way it was taught were the same as it is at MSU. For me, figuring out if I was ready for those types of classes is what was important to me more than anything.”

It can be quite obvious why some students choose KCC over other options, including better price and a location closer to home. However, sometimes the story behind the mask can help other students look for those answers.

KCC is an amazing choice for post-secondary education.