Calling all crystal enthusiasts, new age individuals, and people who pick up pretty rocks from the sidewalk – Rockhound Rock Shop & Supply in Galesburg, Michigan is the hot spot for all things igneous/sedimentary/metamorphic. 

To ring in the new season, Rockhound will be holding its third annual Spring Festival on Saturday, May 4 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The festival will be held at 33 W Battle Creek St. in Galesburg, MI. Parking and attending the event are free. 

Wrifton Graham, owner of Rockhound, shared a bit about what attendees can look forward to and the new additions the business has been working on.

“We generally have around 35 vendors selling everything from rocks and crystals, to crystal type art and even metaphysical items,” Graham said. “We will also have glass blowing demonstrations, iron works demo, face-painting, henna artists, tarot reader, massages, drum circles, crack-your-own-geode stations, yummy food vendors and the GRAND OPENING of our 30 foot Pan for Gems area called Mining Mayhem, complete with a water tower and waterfall.”

The festival offers these fun opportunities in order to bring more foot traffic to a less populated and well known area only around 30 minutes away from Battle Creek. 

“We have quite a draw for tourism, so we started this festival to help out others that sold similar items. This semi-annual event, once in the spring and once in the fall, helps bring everyone together where we can all have fun, sell some great product and really nerd out with other like minded people,” Graham said. 

Rockhound is the largest rock shop in Michigan, and they’re only getting bigger. 

“We own Rockhound Rock Shop, the Trading Post out back, Great Lakes Bee Supply and Prospector’s BBQ & Bakery across the street from our rock shop,” Graham said. “We also have a new project just announced last month; the Michigan Mineral Museum which will also be constructed near the Rock Shop in Galesburg. We are in the fundraising stages of this project right now, but have already formed the 501c3 non-profit as we move forward.”

Galesburg is on the rise as an up-and-coming place to shop, dine, and hang out – something that is needed in our area now more than ever.

“We have been pushing and will continue to push Galesburg toward being a destination community where people will visit to shop and eat. Tourism is how small towns like these thrive these days,” Graham said. “The next couple of years should show some big growth in our community and even more reasons for people to come visit the up-and-coming City of Galesburg and we hope other businesses start to notice these positive changes and will consider Galesburg as a potential new home for their new business or expansion.”

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