Panoramic view of the auditorium of Kellogg Community College’s Davidson Visual and Performing Arts Center.
The auditorium of Kellogg Community College’s Davidson Visual and Performing Arts Center. Photo courtesy of KCC.

If the auditions for KCC’s “Pando” passed you by, don’t worry – you still have an opportunity to get yourself up on a stage soon thanks to KCC’s theatre club. 

Auditions for Encore Theatre Company’s “The Play That Goes Wrong” will be held in the Davidson Building Room 201 at the North Avenue campus on Monday, Feb. 12, and Wednesday, Feb. 14, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Eight roles are to be cast in the show, which is open to the community high school-aged and up. Those interested do not have to prepare anything and will perform cold reads from the script. 

“I wanted to challenge myself as the director but also the people auditioning due to the fact that this is a comedic show,” Director Zoe Gibbs said. “I saw the full version of this show at Western and found it hilarious and I knew I needed to be involved in this production in some sort of way – when it was time to pick our spring show I just knew it had to be this one!”

It’s common knowledge that auditions can be anywhere between nerve-wracking and terrifying depending on the person, but Gibbs strives to make the experience as fun and stress-free as possible.

“I will be considering how the character fits the person reading for it along with personality! Personality is a big standout for me because auditions can be very scary for some people and they may not do as well as they had hoped because of how nervous they were. I’m not looking for perfection at auditions, I’m looking to see that everyone is trying their best,” Gibbs said. 

Much like “Pando” this is a show people can be cast in regardless of how they identify themselves.

“I strive to make anything I do feel warm and welcoming! One thing I love about this play is that it has gender flexible roles meaning I can alter the gender of the character for whoever is auditioning and ends up getting cast! I am more than willing to change whatever is needed to make sure everyone feels comfortable,” Gibbs said. “What can be expected when coming to auditions is coming into the auditorium, putting on a name tag with their preferred name, and then filling out the conflict sheet before we start the cold reading!”

The production is entirely student-led, which creates a relaxed environment where you can get to know your fellow students and have fun while working towards the show’s opening night.

“Since this is a student-run production it is a great way to get involved in acting and being on stage! There are several minor roles in this play along with several major roles,” Gibbs said. “I plan to cast and guide people by placing them in roles they feel comfortable and where I know they will succeed.”

You can contact Gibbs at with any questions about the show or the club itself.