students displaying poster board during Greece showcase
Student Austin Begley explains his presentation on the historical accuracy of the Bible in regards to Greece. Photo by Marilyn Hubbard.

Kellogg Community College students who went to Greece with the college’s International Travel class this semester displayed their projects in a showcase for students, staff and the community Nov. 6 in the Kellogg Room.

The group went to Greece for 10 days in October, wrote journals about what they experienced and chose an aspect of the trip to complete a project about. Projects featured in the showcase included the relationship between Greece and Turkey, Greek food, sustainability in Greece, the historical accuracy of the Bible in regards to Greece, and how animals are viewed in Greek culture.

Students found that being immersed in the culture helped broaden their point of view.

“I thought it was very valuable to become a part of another culture. Instead of simply reading about a culture or believing stereotypes, you are able to genuinely see another culture for what it truly is,” second-year student Kate Wilson said. “You get to see the history, language, and way of life of a different people.”

Creating friendships was another aspect of traveling that students found to be valuable.

“I loved the free time where I got to hang out with my friends on the trip,” second-year student Jaylyn Taylor said. “It was a great way to get to know Greek culture up close, and I had a great time making new memories with old friendships and also forming new friendships along the way.”

Making projects was a way to have the group members get more engaged in the trip and be creative with what they learned.

“Completing the project really reinforced what I saw during the trip,” second-year student Austin Begley said. “It tied together the traditional way of academics by reading and doing research with real-world application by seeing and being there. It created a more wholesome approach to learning.”

While international trips do include making friends and trying new food, those are not the only takeaways. Deeper learning and experiencing new cultures make lasting impacts.