A picture of our North Avenue campus entrance. Facing one of the reflecting ponds.

This is the first year that First Year Seminar is required for all new students at Kellogg Community College. As it is new, there are many positive and negative emotions being displayed throughout campus about the new course.

FYS is a class structured around introducing students to the KCC community and teaching students how to navigate through financial issues related to college. The class also attempts to help students create academic goals for themselves in order to provide a better experiences in college.

KCC honors student Mackenzie Ryder, who is currently enrolled in an FYS class, said she thinks the class isn’t needed.

“We all kind of know what we’re doing,” Ryder said. “I do understand that the college is trying prepare us for the future and other colleges, but the information we’ve been learning is something that we already know about and already have common sense about.”

KCC honors student Andrea Smith had a different take about FYS.

“I think that it can teach people who haven’t had enough educational experience important resources about the college campus and places where they can learn, and how to develop their learning abilities,” Smith said.

As FYS continues to be required for new students at KCC, the college will learn more about what students think about the class.

For more information about the class, visit www.kellogg.edu/fys.