A picture of our North Avenue campus entrance. Facing one of the reflecting ponds.

The Kellogg Community College Foundation is offering a new scholarship for students interested in taking one of KCC’s new English Language Learning classes.

According to news release from the college, the KCC Foundation’s English Language Learning Scholarship will cover $500 toward the cost of ELL classes at KCC. Applications for the scholarship are available now for students seeking to enroll in the Spring 2019 semester.

This scholarship amount is enough to cover the cost of one four-credit hour ELL class, which is $491 according to the Spring 2019 tuition and fee rate for Battle Creek residents.

In the release, English professor Elyse Jozlin, who teaches the ELL classes at KCC said students interested in taking an ELL class next semester should apply for the scholarship now so there is plenty of time to find out if the scholarship is awarded.

KCC’s English Language Learning classes are being offered for the first time this fall to help English-as-a-second-language students improve their English language skills. Intermediate and advanced classes in reading and writing, grammar and communication and speaking and listening are offered this fall, and the college plans to offer introductory versions of the classes beginning in January.

According to the news release from KCC, students currently enrolled in ELL classes at the college come from a wide variety of countries, including Peru, Japan, Yemen, Russia and Bruma.

ELL Scholarship applications can be found on the KCC website at www.kellogg.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ELL-Scholarship-Application.pdf.