the stage set for KCC's firebringer

KCC’s fall musical Firebringer set the stage ablaze this weekend in the Binda Theater with an incredible cast, interesting plot, musical talent and great costumes.

The musical itself is a crazy feat, dealing with numerous social issues in a Flintstones themed package, wrapping the story in humankind’s bare beginnings. From colorful characters such as Zazzalil, Jemilla and Molag played by Max Bird, Chelle Halbert and Jenny Barnhart, respectively, to the loveable Emberly and Ducker (Cacey Hirleman and Seth Allred), the cast was teeming with humor and entertainment.

The talented cast executed the music wonderfully, coming together in a brilliant chorus that resounded through the hearts of our audience. Most notable in vocal feat was the astounding DeQuan Perry as Chorn, whose voice was a show stopper.

The musical was brilliantly crafted, especially by costume designer Nicole Peckens, who brought forth costumes that could be envied by the original production. Beyond this, the theater was brought alive with the puppets Trunkell and Snarl, which highlighted the characters and costumes.

Overall, it was a stunning production with a talented cast and great direction.

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