Decorative graphic featuring the Bruin head logo on a chalkboard with a sun and stack of textbooks.
Image by KCC Graphic Design student and Bruin News design intern Markel Shiery.

Summer class registration at Kellogg Community College is approaching fast and will be open in the coming weeks. If any student is in search of acquiring more credits outside of the fall and spring semesters, summer classes are an avenue to consider.

Registration opens Monday, April 12, on the Bruin Portal. This is open to any student who desires to take classes during the summer, but it comes with the cost of the class as well as the resources for the class.

“Summer classes are an excellent way to shorten the time to degree completion or lessen the class load in the fall and spring semesters,” said Jen Searls, a KCC early college advisor.

While they shorten the time to degree completion, the classes also move much faster than classes in the fall and spring semesters.

“Summer classes often are not as long in length and therefore the intensity is a bit higher. You have the same learning objectives and less time, so plan on a fast-paced experience,” Searls said.

Summer classes start May 17, a week after the spring semester ends for students. Summer classes last until Aug. 5, meaning that they last nearly two and a half months as opposed to classes during the fall and spring semesters, which last nearly four months.

Kelsey Mainstone , an early college student at KCC, has experience taking summer classes.

“I enjoyed summer classes,” Mainstone said. “It is a great way to earn more credits during the summer. The workload is much bigger than during the school year, but it is manageable. I would recommend them to the students that want to take them.”

During the summer semester there will be two short breaks, one for Memorial Day, which is May 31, and one for Independence Day, which will be observed by the college July 5. As of now, KCC plans to stay open for some in-person learning, but that’s subject to change due to COVID.

For more information about summer registration, contact Searls at More information about key dates for the summer semester can be found on the KCC website at