Sasha Banks
Photos courtesy of Sasha Banks.

One of the first things to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic was the arts. As live performances finally begin to make a comeback, Sundays with Sasha is continuing on in person in April.

The first Sundays with Sasha performance in April will be held at 8 p.m. Sunday, April 11, at The Music Factory, located at 191 Angell St. #8200 in Battle Creek. Admission to the event is $10.

The event is a semi-monthly drag performance that was created by Sasha Banks three years ago. Sasha is also the host of the show, and the performance always features various local drag performers. In-person shows have resumed after going completely virtual in response to COVID-19 and the prolonged closing of bars and restaurants.

One of the performers, Austin Dara, known as Roselynn Banks, said that the rush they get from performing is like none other.

“The craziest thing about shows is definitely the experience of performing,” Dara said. “I honestly felt a rush of adrenaline and joy when performing. I have never felt truly lost in a moment until performing in drag.”

Dara said that the diversity of the performers participating in Sundays with Sasha is an important aspect of the show.

“I wish people just had a better understanding of diversity within the drag community. No drag is invalid, and it should be appreciated regardless because it’s their art,” Dara said. “Sundays with Sasha is a hoot and a holler to be at. Variety of entertainment is an always, and it is so accepting.”

The man behind the host Sasha Banks, James Sims, said his shows are set apart from others by the quality in every aspect.

“My shows are different from other shows in town because not only do I book good entertainers, but the bar staff is really cool and professional,” Sims said. “I think Jenn and Tami are the best bartenders around. The whole vibe of the bar is fun and accepting of everyone.”

Sims said that the most important part of drag performances is the sense of belonging felt by performers and guests alike.

“We are accepting of everyone that walks in the door, and everyone leaves wanting to come back for more,” Sims said.

Due to precautions related to COVID-19, it is asked that guests wear face masks and social distance to make the performances safe and fun for everyone involved.

More information about Sundays with Sasha can be found on Sasha Banks’ Facebook page at