The February Board of Trustees meeting on Feb. 19 had a full room of staff, citizens and students, following the overflow crowd from the January meeting. The large crowd was due in part to a controversy surrounding a KCC employee who posted a Facebook photo of himself protesting at a recent political rally, and his recent termination from the college.

Public comments were given from six individuals who shared various opinions about the College’s elimination of the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer position. Some were wondering what that would look like since the president will be taking over the duties of that position. A comment was also given by a Battle Creek resident who shared concerns about the hours of the Regional Manufacturing Technology Center.

Also discussed at the board meeting:

  • A mid-year budget update was given, with a deficit much lower than projected because of state aid and enrollment increase.
  • Brad Fuller, Director, Institutional Facilities, reported that the construction at the Eastern Academic Center is on track to being completed in May.
  • Student Representative Jaylyn Taylor spoke about the the success of the Bruin Basket initiative and the importance of reliable transportation to KCC’s campuses for students who don’t have convenient access to personal vehicles, bus routes and ride services.
  • The purchase of new adult and youth manikins to fulfill the College’s EMS accreditation requirements.
  • The College accepted a donation of equipment for the College’s Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program.
  • A number of faculty position updates were given, including hiring, retirements, sabbatical leaves, transfers and terminations.