Volleyball players Madison Jones and Kameron Haley stand with Mick Haley in the Miller gym.
From left to right, Kellogg Community College volleyball player Madison Jones, Mick Haley and KCC volleyball player Kameron Haley pose for a photo in the Miller Gym on March 5. Photo courtesy of KCC.

Kellogg Community College volleyball legend Mick Haley toured the new Miller Physical Education Building March 5 and met with two recipients of the Mick Haley Volleyball Scholarship.

Haley, who coached men’s and women’s volleyball at KCC from 1973 to 1979, was reminded of good times filling up the Miller Gym bleachers at the start of a 40-plus year career coaching volleyball.

“People loved to steal volleyballs that had KCC on them – that was prestigious at the time,” Haley recalled. “We really kind of made a place for ourselves. It was the perfect timing because kids were looking for a place to play and we offered opportunity. And if you offer opportunity to people, usually they’ll take advantage of it.”

KCC volleyball players Kameron Haley – no relation – and Madison Jones are taking advantage of such opportunity now as recipients of the Mick Haley scholarship. The scholarship, which started in 2010, provides recipients with $250 per semester for two semesters at KCC.

Jones, a freshman setter, told Mick Haley she was surprised to receive the scholarship.

“It was nice to know that you still are really supportive of the sports and the school altogether,” Jones said, “and not just focusing on volleyball, but the school aspect as well.”

For Mick Haley, the visit was about both looking back at past successes and those of the future Bruin volleyball players to come. The new Miller Building is a step in the right direction.

“I think this is pretty special and it just keeps getting better,” Haley said.