KCC offers numerous opportunities through student clubs

Students sign up for clubs at a table on KCCs campus during the Bruin Blast event
Photo courtesy of KCC

So you’re a student at Kellogg Community College. What’s next?

KCC has just the thing for you: Registered Student Organizations. Otherwise known as clubs, societies or even leagues, student organizations provide a way to meet new people, explore hobbies and grow skills.

Registered Student Organizations (or RSOs) are the perfect way to find your niche in college.

Students who enjoy the arts may enjoy Art League, a club that aims to build a bridge between KCC’s art programs with activities like movie nights, group paintings and trips to museums. However, if you’d rather join a club that focuses only on movie nights, Film Club has got your back. Unless you’re more of an on-camera star, then Encore Theatre Club offers a way to be a part of a theatrical production.

At their heart, clubs are a way to make new friends. Try Spectrum, a safe, open space for LGBTQ+ individuals as well as allies. Or Education Club, a space for future educators to discuss their excitement for education as well as the challenges of being an educator.

Tech Club may be the perfect place for you if you’re a student with a passion for architecture, especially if you’d like to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, a famous structure he designed and which the Tech Club visits each year.

With Halloween coming up, maybe you have a taste for something a bit more spooky. With seances, ghost hunting and the skeptic-versus-believer dynamic, the Paranormal Club injects a passion for ghostbusting into your club experience.

“Each of our RSOs have different, but equally valuable, benefits to offer Bruins,” said Student Life Director Kristin McDermott. “From a way to find shared hobbies and friend groups, like Encore, Film or FriendChip, to opening up professional networking opportunities like SNA and Education Club, and even paths for Bruins to give voices to what’s important to them, like the Environmental Club, Spectrum or True Life.”

The benefits of RSOs don’t end here.

“Feeling like you have a social fit at your college is an extra support system that is proven to help you be a successful college student. That connection is easy to make when you join a club of like-minded folks at your school,” McDermott said.

Even if the clubs mentioned don’t float your boat, there are more available to be a part of, like Women’s Club, Book Club, Pokemon Go Club, Campus Republicans or the Crude Arts Club. There are so many ways to find what interests and suits your tastes as an individual.

How do you join a club? Well, simply contact the desired club’s advisor or head over to a meeting. It’s really that easy.

If none of these clubs are exactly what you’re searching for, you can always create your own.

McDermott said any student can make their own RSO as long as they identify their club’s individual and unique mission, find six other currently enrolled KCC students (for a total of at least seven members), and talk to her in order to organize things like paperwork, advising and (most importantly) the club’s exciting possibilities.

Registered Student Organizations are a great way to make friends, meet new people, explore hobbies and have fun while building lifelong skills.

To find out more about KCC’s RSOs, visit kellogg.edu/rsos.