KCC staff members pose with boxes of food outside during a Fresh Food Distribution event.
Photo courtesy of KCC.

Kellogg Community College’s monthly Fresh Food Distribution is coming up Tuesday, May 16. This event is being held from 1 to 1:30 p.m. in Parking Lot G, which is located next to the Miller Physical Education Building on KCC’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek.

Since 2021, KCC has been partnering up with the South Michigan Food Bank to host several Fresh Food Distribution events. Over the years, South Michigan Food Bank has partnered up with more than 300 agencies in Michigan, including KCC, to ensure people are getting what they need. In the past year alone they have distributed 11,688,200 pounds of nutritious food.

According to the KCC Foundation, the Fresh Food Distribution is an event organized by the Food Insecurity Task Force, which is a group of faculty, staff and students who aim to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those who do not have as easy access to food as others. This initiative was implemented following the insertion of Bruin Baskets, which are little stations around campus that consist of healthy snacks that students can grab on their way to class, walking around campus, or on their way out the door to ensure that they are keeping their bodies fueled throughout the day.

The way that participating in this event works is that anyone who attends KCC or is a member of the community has the option to drive or walk up to the distribution location. The participant is then required to register onsite in order to receive their items, and then they will be given their box of food and drink at no cost, as long as supplies last.

Teresa Durham, executive director of the KCC Foundation and the Fresh Food Distribution coordinator at KCC, explained why exactly they run this event.

“The purpose of the Fresh Food Distributions is to give fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and bakery items so that students and community members can supplement their meals, not make sacrifices,” Durham said. “Everyone deserves access to fresh food.”

In addition to providing fresh food to those in need, the Fresh Food Distribution events also serve as a way for KCC to connect with its community. By partnering with the South Michigan Food Bank, KCC is able to offer support to those in need and build relationships with its students and surrounding community members.

Food insecurity is a significant concern for many college students across the country.

“Food insecurity on college campuses is a national concern with more than 22 studies estimating food insecurity rates among students to be greater than 30%,” Durham said. “KCC is doing its part to help feed our students and community and hopefully have a positive impact on their health and well-being.”

According to the KCC Foundation, in the Fall 2022 semester, KCC distributed roughly 500 boxes of fresh food to individuals in need. To put that into perspective, that is the distribution of 100 boxes of food per event over the course of one semester.

Hannah Davis, a student who attended a Fresh Food Distribution event, shared her positive experience.

“I have been to the Fresh Food Distribution event before, and it was amazing. I was there to grab some food and a drink, and the people who worked there were very warm and friendly. It was a quick and easy process as far as getting registered, getting my box and being sent on my way,” Davis said.

Kailey Canterbury, another student who attended the event, echoed Davis’s sentiments.

“I first heard about the Fresh Food Distribution through a friend who had attended this event before, so I decided to try it out. When going there to get a meal one time, they served me a simple, yet filling food box. I felt very satisfied with the food and how friendly and helpful they were as well,” Canterbury said.

The Fresh Food Distribution events at KCC are an important initiative that aims to address food insecurity among college students and community members. By providing fresh and nutritious food, KCC is not only supplementing meals but also fostering a sense of community and support. As the events continue to grow and serve more people in need, KCC remains committed to making fresh food accessible to all.

That said, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a delicious and nutritious meal, feel free to stop by the Fresh Food Distribution’s final event of the spring semester on Tuesday, May 16, from 1 to 1:30 p.m. at KCC.

If you would like to learn more about this event, you can contact the KCC Foundation at 269-965-4161 or email them at kccfoundation@kellogg.edu.