Illustration of an overhead view looking down on a person's hands as they write in a notebook.
Image by KCC Graphic Design student and Bruin News design intern Markel Shiery.

As students continue their academic careers at KCC, they have the opportunity to get a jump start on a different kind of career while they’re at it.

Any KCC student enrolled in at least six credit hours in the fall and winter or three credit hours in the summer who has completed their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is eligible for on-campus student employment.

Kim Madsen, Intro to Business and ECON 201 professor, encourages any students to apply, especially if they are enrolled or have an interest in the Business Program.

“We have many student worker opportunities on campus that are a great way to build on skills that we learn in the program,” Madsen said.

Brandy Toler, a student worker in the Academic Advising office, is grateful for the learning experiences she has gained from her on-campus job, and her position has added value to her time at KCC.

“When I first started college at KCC, I did not know where to begin or who to talk to. Now that I am on the other side of the desk, I have learned and continue to learn about all the resources that KCC offers to students,” Toler said. “I will say that the pros of having a student worker position is the learning experience, helping other students and working with an amazing team of people who also want to help students, too.”

Toler appreciates the fact that her position in her on-campus job has helped her develop hard and soft skills that pertain to her degree.

“The best thing about this position is that it helps me prepare for the field of study that I am interested in,” Toler said. “I am currently working towards getting my business management and accounting degrees. When I was offered this position, I could not pass up on it. I have learned how to transfer calls between several phones, operate different software used throughout the office and communicate better between coworkers. Overall, this position has been great, and I will take the knowledge I’ve learned with me wherever I go.”

An on-campus job can even help students in unexpected ways on slow days.

“Another great benefit is that during your shift, you can work on some homework assignments that may be due in your classes. This position is very low stress,” Toler said. “Some days we have very few phone calls or students who reach out to Academic Advising, and this is the perfect time for students to get caught up on assignments.”

On-campus student jobs may even be able to help you further your college education. Students that meet Financial Aid SAP standards may be eligible for a financial aid work-study award, a dollar amount that students may earn during the regular academic year and put toward their tuition.

After completing the FAFSA, students can begin the student employment process by registering for student employment on the College Central Network (CCN) at