Nursing students.
Former KCC Nursing students, now alumni. Photo courtesy of KCC.

“The Kellogg Community College Nursing Program provides excellent educational experiences that integrate knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to prepare safe and competent nurse generalists who provide quality nursing care in a culturally diverse, global society. Through the spirit of inquiry and professional identity the nurse generalist develops sound clinical judgment that promotes teamwork, collaboration and personal growth.”

The KCC Nursing Program’s mission as stated above guarantees an experience that will prepare students for future skills, knowledge and attitudes they will need to know in their chosen career.

The KCC Nursing Program is a two-year program that helps students attain their associate degree in nursing or a licensed practical nurse (LPN) certification. KCC also gives students an opportunity to transfer to another university for another two years to obtain their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Debra Buck, a faculty member in the Nursing Department, states, “The Nursing Program is difficult and requires a great deal of time and dedication.”

If you’re not prepared to work hard, a nursing degree may not be for you.

The question remains: Why should you study nursing at Kellogg Community College?

KCC’s Nursing Program offers not only a full-time program, but they work with students as well who may have to work and go to school at the same time, offering a part-time program. KCC’s Nursing Program is the only local program that offers a part-time program for nursing students.

Many nursing students who are also moms have told me they appreciate the part-time program, as they can watch their babies grow up while getting an education.

Nursing student Adrieana said “The part-time program has been helpful with a now 1-year-old boy. I’ve gotten to watch him grow, be a part of his life and work towards a better future not only for myself, but for my baby.”

In 2019, KCC’s average pass rate for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam was 88.61% with the national average being 85.63%, which makes KCC’s average 2.98% higher than the national average. KCC’s average for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam was 86.77% with the national average being 88.18%, which is only 1.41% higher than KCC.

“Being a nurse is hard, but it is the most rewarding profession there is,” Buck said.

A 2016 survey showed that after graduation, 95.1% of KCC Nursing students were employed with a position related to something in the nursing field. There are many jobs in the nursing profession and KCC does its best to guide students in the right path for whatever career choice they choose.

Nursing professors are more than willing to help with whatever questions students have. Professors also make time to help with any assignments students have questions about and advisors are always sending emails with opportunities for nursing scholarships or jobs in the nursing field.

KCC guarantees an experience that will help guide students to a better future in whatever nursing career they decide. They have nursing simulations that let students practice providing patient care before having to practice on real-life patients.

For more information, students can visit the KCC Nursing web page at, which includes the names and contact information for Nursing faculty and staff if they have any questions.