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Illustration by Maggie Wood.

Kellogg Community College shut down in March in the wake of the daunting coronavirus. As cases began to slow down, the administrators decided to re-open the campus under specific stipulations. However, in October the college was once again shutdown as the COVID-19 cases began to rise.

As students head back to remote learning and online formats, the struggle to stay motivated is very real, but the struggle can be reduced by strategizing on how to navigate the unideal situation.

Through all of the isolation, KCC still strives to help its students succeed.

“​It is important to note that regardless of face-to-face or virtual status, KCC cares about student success,” Center for Student Success Director ​Holly McKee ​said.

One of the outlets students can turn to for help is tutoring.

“Of particular note is virtual tutoring services through the Center for Student Success. Students can schedule a virtual meeting for assistance with one of our professional tutors right from our website. In addition, students can access external tutoring services provided by NetTutor, through the student portal. Virtual meetings can also be scheduled with licensed professional counselors, academic advisors, enrollment specialists and faculty. While the virtual format may not be the preferred method for many, they remain effective ways to meet student needs,” McKee said.

According to ​Raegan Banker​, a freshman at KCC, the most difficult part of having online school is staying motivated. However, some people are motivated in different ways than others.

Kelsey Mainstone​, a freshman at KCC, created a routine to stick to every day in order to maintain her productivity and not fall behind in her classes.

“Establishing a routine has been huge for me. Even though I don’t have to go to campus, I still set an alarm, work out and get started with classes about the same time every day,” Mainstone said.

Banker, on the other hand, stays motivated because of the consequences of falling behind in her classes.

“One of the ways I stay motivated is the fact that if I fail I have to pay because I’m in college now and I want straight A’s,” Banker said.

According to McKee, there are many other ways to stay motivated while learning remotely.

“Maintaining a routine is more important than ever in a lockdown/quarantine. A routine provides structure to your days and can provide some sense of normalcy. Your routine should include standard things like showering, getting dressed for the day, eating balanced and healthy meals and staying on a normal sleep cycle. In addition, exercise is imperative to mental and physical well-being. There are many free online videos to help you stay active. Whether you go for a walk around the neighborhood or your house, run a 5K, walk up your stairs three times or do 25 sit-ups, moving will help you maintain your physical and emotional well-being,” McKee said.

No matter the strategies, both Mainstone and Banker agree that staying motivated is crucial to having academic success while in quarantine.

“[Staying motivated] is important because it helps to fight against procrastination and stress,” Mainstone said.

McKee agrees.

“Achieving success is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to be prepared to put in the work throughout the entire semester. If you burn out partway through the semester, all the work you did at the beginning may be for naught. Using a calendar to plan your time and stay on top of your academic commitments will help you cross the finish line,” McKee said.

The Center for Student Success, which provides free educational services to all KCC students, is located in Room 207 on the upper level of the Ohm Information Technology Center, on campus at 450 North Ave. in Battle Creek. For more information, visit