A finished puzzle with each piece having a distinct design.

Kellogg Community College is holding a collaborative art project throughout the month of March, in which any student can contribute a decorated puzzle piece to the final artwork.

“We’re Not Complete without You” is a collective art project being held through March 25 in the Morris Library on KCC’s campus at 450 North Ave. in Battle Creek. This project is free and open to all students, faculty, and alumni of KCC.

To be a part of this communal art project, participants can stop by the Morris Library information desk and request a blank puzzle piece. They are then asked to decorate and return this piece by March 25. The decorated puzzle pieces will be assembled and presented as one final artwork in April.

This art project encourages creativity amongst individuals and demonstrates how something beautiful can be made when many people work together. Much of the charm of this artwork will come from the individuality and uniqueness of those who participate. Once the final art piece is hung in the Morris Library, students will be able to see a tangible outcome of what happens when people work together to make something creative.

For more information, visit the Morris Library website or call them at 269-965-4122.