Illustration of a student working on a computer. A Bruin head logo is on the screen.
Illustration courtesy of Kellogg Community College.

With courses transitioning to a majority-online modality because of the coronavirus pandemic, Kellogg Community College is offering a myriad of virtual services. This includes academic advising, admissions, career and employment services, counseling, financial aid, tutoring and more.

The Importance of Virtual Services

During these unprecedented times, virtual services are essential to continue supporting students while keeping the Bruin community safe.

Drew Hutchinson, manager of Student Life at KCC, said, “Virtual services are a good alternative to the regular in-person service. We know that not everyone will prefer the virtual services, however it is the best way to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Virtual services provide the same essential services students may need without the risk of contracting COVID-19.”

Accessing Virtual Services

If you do not have internet access at home or the technology needed for accessing the virtual services, the campuses are still available. Although some KCC offices may be closed for in-person services, the campus Wi-Fi, the Morris Library and specialized labs are still accessible to students.

Hutchinson explained, “The North Avenue campus in Battle Creek has many spots that students can use the internet in a socially distant environment. If you have the necessary technology to access the internet you can still sit in any of the student lounges on campus including (but not limited to) the Student Center and the Morris Library. If a student needs both access to the internet and a computer to access it from, I would recommend the Morris Library. The Morris Library has differing hours than the North Avenue campus to help students who need a place to study, and computers for students to use if they need them.”

Virtual Services for Students

Below are some of the services available for students via Academic Advising, Career and Employment Services and Financial Aid.

Academic Advising

Advisors provide academic guidance, assistance with academic policies and requirements, resources for academic support and help with processing special forms.

Career and Employment Services

They provide career planning and exploration, resume and cover letter development, interviewing preparation and preparations for a job search.

Financial Aid

This department helps students with their financial processes. Financial aid comes in the form of scholarships, federal work study, federal and private loans, and grants.

Andrea Campos, 19, of Coldwater, is a student at KCC. Andrea said she accessed KCC’s virtual services because she had questions about her classes next semester. Campos said that in her experience, the virtual services offer the same level of quality as the traditional face-to-face services, and that she would recommend the virtual services at KCC to other students.

“The services are very helpful, and the tool Starfish is easy to access and navigate,” Campos said. “They are also flexible with your schedule.”

In addition to this, Campos said she did not experience any challenges when she accessed the services or made an appointment with her academic advisor.

Hutchinson said, “A student should be able to access every service virtually that they could in a pre-pandemic world; it’s just a different/new way to access the services, which to some people may feel less than helpful. However, the offices providing services are holding regular office hours so if a student has questions, they can still call the office. Overall, I think the virtual services are good, just different than traditional services.”

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, students can contact the relevant department or use Starfish, which is available through the Bruin Portal.

For more information about KCC’s virtual services, visit