Panoramic view of the RMTC lobby that was newly renovated,
The renovated lobby of the Kellogg Community College’s RMTC campus. Photo courtesy of KCC.

Kellogg Community College’s Regional Manufacturing Technology Center is a special and valuable part of the college. The RMTC allows employers and students to work together and have access to state-of-the-art technology.

To make the RMTC even more useful, it is undergoing many updates and renovations. The original part of the building is 29 years old, and it needed a refresh. The updates will make the building more energy efficient, and have transformed some of the office space and several classroom spaces.

“Students will have access to a more convenient, modern and technologically up-to-date facility in which they can study, take tests, access online course content, etc.,” said Director of Industrial Trades Education Kim Andrews-Bingham. “This major remodel has completely changed the look of the facility as you enter and move through it, and our community partners and students can’t believe that they now have such a modern, bright and functional facility to use.

The newly renovated RMTC will better serve programs that help students earn credentials so that they can enter the workforce directly. The updates will prepare workers and strengthen local companies in the long run.

“A lot of people don’t realize that while the RMTC is an educational facility, when you walk in, it looks like a factory floor, like an advanced manufacturing environment, and that’s by design,” said Chief Communications Officer Eric Greene. “Student and faculty reactions have been very positive, which is natural when you have a shiny new toy.”

The project is on schedule to wrap up in May, and Andrews-Bingham said they are very excited to show it off. The renovations make working at the RMTC more convenient overall.

A 360-degree virtual tour of the RMTC renovations is available online at