Picture from graduation commencement.
Photo courtesy of Kellogg Community College.

As it does every semester, Kellogg Community College recognized hundreds of students on the college’s latest Dean’s List, which recognizes students above a certain GPA. Making the Dean’s List is a point of pride for many students, but does it actually matter in the long run?

Eric Greene, chief communications officer at KCC, said it does.

“To answer your question, does it matter,” Greene said, “I think it does matter, because it matters in the sense that the institution of KCC is trying to recognize and reward those students, the hundreds every semester who have gone above and beyond. And their GPA reflects that.”

Greene said making the Dean’s List could, for example, help a student get into another college of their choice by helping them stand out on their college application. It could even help the student find a job.

“When they mention that in the course of a job interview, it tells the employer that they have done things as a student that went above and beyond the minimum requirements, that they have done their absolute best when it came to the course work,” Greene said. “And that tells their potential employer a lot about their work ethic, their drive and their intelligence.”

Beginning this year at KCC, the Dean’s List and a new President’s List – the latter recognizing degree-seeking students with a 4.0 GPA for the semester – will be announced three times annually following the fall, spring and summer semester.