Altered image of the band members at another concert
Photo courtesy of Iejir

Local thrash/metal band Iejir will be performing with four other bands Saturday at the Music Factory in Battle Creek.

The doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. at the venue, which is located at 191 Angell St.

The concert lineup includes Iejir, BlackFront Ink, Select 22, Eve to Adam and Super bob.

Iejir consists of seven members. Iejir’s seven members include Quinn Iejir (lead vocals); Rune Maharett (lead guitar/keyboard); Shizuka Corruption (vocals); Ian Fatchett, who goes by Grim (guitar); Gabe Keese, who goes by William (lead bass/vocals); Risha Moss (vocals); and Gabriel Knight (drums/guitar/bass).

The music is a combination of thrash and doom metal.

“We have never been excited to be playing with such great bands like Eve to Adam, Super bob, BlackFront Ink and Select 22,” said Gabe Keese, “This will be our first time opening for a headlining show; we are literally making Iejir history!”

You can purchase online ticket at for $10 a piece or you can also buy tickets at the door for $15.