KCC freshman Kassidy Fletcher.
KCC freshman Kassidy Fletcher. Photo by Seth Allred.

The fall semester officially began at Kellogg Community College on Aug. 30, and students are ready for the adventure ahead of them. Both first and second year students have been reflecting on their first week and what it means to them and their college adventure.

Kassidy Fletcher, a freshman studying General Studies, has felt welcomed in her first week at KCC.

“Everyone is extremely helpful if I have any questions about anything,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said that one goal for her freshman year is to become more active her school community and make new friends along the way.

“I’m excited to come to events, such as sports games and plays, to support our Bruins,” she said.

She hopes to continue to grow as a person throughout her freshman year.

Sophomore Kevin Olivera, who is studying journalism, is also looking to grow as an individual this school year.

Olivera is a student worker in the Nursing Department, an experience that has helped him “make a distinction between the workplace and school,” he said.

He’s been able to use this experience to stay involved in campus activities.

To freshman, Olivera says, “there’s enough time to figure things out.” He warns against the pressures of trying to decide what the rest of one’s life will be at 18. This was a main source of stress for him his freshman year, and he doesn’t want others to fall into the same trap.

There are several resources on campus that students can utilize if they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by their studies, including tutoring and counseling services. More information can be found at www.kellogg.edu/student-support-services.